Japanese ....



PH-ER - "Dansk Italiensk"

Per Hyttel: trumpet, keyboards, vocal

Enrico Rosa:guitar, vocal

....... .....

.1mp3 .2mp3 .3mp3 .4mp3 .5mp3 .6mp3 .7mp3..8mp3 .9mp3..10mp3 .11mp3. 12mp3 .13mp3 .14mp3

1) Che Sara' (Migliacci)
2) Tico Tico (Z. Abreu)
3) Piu' Bella Cosa (E. Ramazzotti)
4) Caruso ( L. Dalla)
5) Godfather (N. Rota)
6) Marina (R. Granata)
7) Funicoli (L. Denza)
8) Gente di Mare (U. Tozzi)
9) Rondo (W.A. Mozart)
10) Se Bastasse (E. Ramazzotti)
11) Anema e Core (S. D' Esposito)
12) Perhaps Love (J. Denver)
13) O' Sole Mio (E. Di Capua)
14) Quando Quando ( T. Renis)



Boston Gig - Argenti & Rosa





Recorded on October 17 2009 at Thin Ice Studio - Andover MA USA

Released in 2011

Ferdinando Argenti - Piano, David Clark - Bass, Jim Lattini Drums, Enrico Rosa - Guitar

Svezia in Fiamme

Be bop

So that's how it is

Stress me

Freedom Jazz Dance


Super Eva by Gaetano Menna - Italia

Movimenti Prog Donato Zoppo - Italia

ProGGnosis - USA

All Abou Jazz - USA

Creazy World Records - Japan


The incredible Journey

ROSÆ Eva & Enrico Rosa

Open Doors

Black Cats


Night Vision


a unique experience

a journey across life's deepest emotions

Gerald van Waes - Belgium ….the guitar styles lead skilfully and with emotional strength …..It is an extremely pleasant and sophisticated album …..... ..this album is a 'classic'……

Manticornio - Mexico .....es ciertamente una jornada musical bien peculiar, donde las emociones se combinan con dramáticos momentos imaginativos, ofreciendo una experiencia que alimenta los sentidos con pasión y fantasía armónica... Alfredo Tapia

Rock progressivo - Brazil ....além de você encontrar um encarte soberbo, ainda terá pela frente excelentes músicas instrumentais na linha celta (ouça Italian Irish)....Cesar Lanzarini

Baby blaue - Germany .......ist eine interessante, ziemlich überraschende Scheibe mit unkonventioneller Musik, die eingänglich und melodisch, aber auch komplex und ausgesprochen virtuos die Chancen hat einer durchaus breiten Hörerschaft im Progbereich zuzusagen. Ich kann daher nur empfehlen diesem Akustik-Duo-Prog einmal sein Ohr zu leihen! Achim Breiling

La Caja de Musica - Spain …...es una experiencia a nivel personal que trata de ser compartida a cada escucha y trata de transmitir ideas, emociones y sentimientos que van mas alla de las palabras en donde solo son expresables en el campo de la musica…. René Osnaya

Canti e Incanti……..Il duo suona in presa diretta, senza sovraincisioni, un sound immaginifico.
Disco di grande virtuosismo, ma che ha anche una solidità strutturale.
Le composizioni di Enrico Rosa sono di grande suggestione con venature melodiche....
Gaetano Menna

Arlequins .......una realizzazione estremamente curata nei dettagli, una raccolta di piccoli sogni che colpisce per la sua freschezza.... Jessica Attene

Jazz Dimensions .......Jedes gut zusammengestellte Album ist immer auch narrativ.......Jan Lautenbach

Progressor - Russia ....Rosae carve a niche in acoustic progressive music that few can fill...Vitaly Menshicov

Mavimenti Prog - Italy ... Disco Imperdibile...... Donato Zoppo

Rambles.Net ... wonderfully textured music....Paul de Bruijn

The Incredible Journey is available at BTF

Jazz album:Link XII "Back Home"

CD 7 with 7 tracks released on July the 7th

Special Thanks to Massimo Bresciani for his drowing.

Tapum mp3

Sqwaqwaz mp3

available at BTF

Manticornio - Mexico

Progressor - Uzbekistan - Russia

Movimenti Prog - Italy

Baby Blaue -Germany

Frettunes Jazz Australia

Frettunes Blues Australia

Jazz Italia - Italy

®© Enrico Rosa

1973 LP UAS 29497 CAMPO DI MARTE :


BTF has released in April 2006: Brand new reissue in remastered edition of the 1973 Campo di Marte. The new edition has been completely remastered under Enrico Rosa's direction, resuming the original sound and the original track list of the 1973 recordings.





review 1

review 2

review 3

review 4


review 6

review 7

Recorded January 1973 at Milano Recording Studios

Engineers : Gualtiero Berlinghini and Francesco Santamaria

All compositions, arrangements and lyrics by Enrico Rosa

Produced by

Enrico Rosa and "Grande Lila" for Liberty Productions S.r.l.-Milano


Mauro Sarti - Drums, Percussion, Flute.

Alfredo Barducci - French Horn, Flute, Piano, Organ.

Carlo Felice Marcovecchio - Drums, percussion.

Paul Richard - Bass and Vocal.

Enrico Rosa - Ac. Guitar, El. Guitar, Mellotron, Vocal.

Campo di Marte concept was created in 1971 by guitarist/composer Enrico Rosa.
Enrico completely composed and arranged the music of the album recorded in January 1973 and wrote the lyrics of the few vocal parts.
Enrico used, as he does today, various sounds and combinations of acoustic and electric instruments as french horn, flutes, strings, organ, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, percussion and electric bass.
This concept, created by Enrico Rosa's composition is like a Symphony where the music tells a story with its deep emotions.
The name Campo di Marte (named after a quarter of Florence - Italy), was found during the first LP recording; the name Campo di Marte means Field of Mars and being Mars the ancient god of war, the metaphoric meaning becomes "Field of War"; in this relation the album lyrics referred to the foolishness of war, and in contrast the cover contained a drawing of ancient Turkish mercenaries injuring themselves to demonstrate their strength and courage.
The same design was contained in the band's posters and it is Enrico Rosa's logo for Campo di Marte.
Campo di Marte is without any doubt one of the milestones of Italian Progressive Rock and the 1973 LP is an essential album in any Progressive Rock collection.
In 1994 the first album has been released again on CD and reviewed as a master piece of Italian Progressive Rock.

Today the original record is a very rare and high rated item for collectors all over the world.

In 2003 Campo di Marte has been reformed by Enrico Rosa for some concerts in Tuscany - Italy and for the recording of a live CD "Concerto Zero" which has been the new very start of Campo di Marte, as always, with Enrico Rosa's compositions.

Links and Photos

Campo di Marte double LIVE CD


Double mini Album

Booklet 1 (12 sides)

Live at The Space Electronic in 1972

Booklet 2 (12 sides)

Live 2003

A new double CD including a Live performance from 1972 at the Space Electronic (Firenze- Italy) and a Live performance of July 2003 released by BTF in February 2004


Progressor: ...More than an excellent album

Progressive Z:..Brilliant and indispensable work

Sezione Musica:..un esempio unico nel panorama musicale italiano

Frazz:..one you shouldn't be without

Movimenti prog:..siamo davvero su livelli molto alti

The line up is:

Mauro Sarti (Tarzan) drums, Maurilio Rossi on bass,

Matin Alexandr Sass on piano/keyboards, Eva Rosa on recorder ( from soprano to bass) as well as Yamaha digital wind controller, Enrico Rosa on acoustic and el. guitar.

The band performs new and old original compositions

by Enrico Rosa.





Jazz CD in 2003 with

Enrico Rosa & Ferdinando Argenti

recorded in Boston USA

Ferdinando Argenti -piano

Enrico Rosa -ac & el. guitar

Eva Rosa - alto recorder on track 2 & 6.

Recorded on October the 17th 2002 at:

Thin Ice Productions Recording Studios, North Andover(Boston), Massachusetts , USA

This production is dedicated to the old friendship and joy of playing together
that unite the stories of two fine Italian musicians.
The first track: Sqwaqwaz-
(a nickname they used to call each other) - is minor blues jam on a funky groove, much like the ones they used to jam on in 1977, playing together for the first time: music full of energy and with no second thoughts. The second track, Copenhagen, calls us back to the time in which they met again in Denmark, in 1981; by then they had become more deeply involved in jazz and both liked to create special atmospheres, this one in particular inspired by the city of Copenhagen.
Track 3, Mondiale (worldwide), shows a way of exploring music with a kind of more "global" approach they both were searching for in the 80s; here Eva plays the first theme very lyrically on alto recorder, while Enrico creates nice contrasts with his harmonic tessitura; then Ferdinando takes over with a lovely solo interlude, and after Enrico's second theme, the two friends continue, taking it into beautiful jazz phrasing and a vigorous funky ending.
Three minutes blues is a modal blues from the early 80's, jamming, as blues should be.
The poly-rhythmical Dubbio (Doubt), was composed in 1981, when the two friends wanted to produce their music in Denmark, but it took more then twenty years before life finally gave them the opportunity in Boston, Massachusetts; which brings us to the final composition on this recording, appropriately, Boston; the tune was written on the way to the USA and it just speaks for itself.

1)Sqwaqwaz (E. Rosa) demo mp3

2)Copenhagen (F.Argenti) demo mp3

3)Mondiale (F: Argenti)**

4)Three minutes blues (E. Rosa)

5)Dubbio (E.Rosa)

6)Boston (E. Rosa)**demo mp3

Ferdinando Argenti - piano

Enrico Rosa - ac. and el. guitar

**Eva Rosa - alto recorder





Classico Atipico

Available at BTF

Händel, Vivaldi, 12th century music and more by the interpretation of

Eva and Enrico Rosa.

Beautiful voice of the recorders masterly played by Eva Rosa and

virtuoso guitar accompaniment by Enrico Rosa who has created

the guitar part,

harmonizing and interpreting the original melodies and

Basso Continuo.

Händel Allegro II demo mp3


….Enrico has produced an incredible set of transcriptions to the guitar (to include strumming chords! on occasion) and shows why he is a world-class guitarist in their delivery. The result is every bit as exciting and interesting as a full chamber accompanyment….. The result is a good album and one I would recommend to those who like chamber music.

David B. Silver (Proggnosis USA)


....Rosae's "Classico Atipico" is definitely a must have for all lovers of acoustic progressive music of any kind. Personally, I am just astonished with this recording...

Vitaly Menshikov - Progressor - Russia

........La unión de esta original pareja hace nacer un concepto bien original.

Eva y Enrico ROSA (genio tras CAMPO DI MARTE)....

Manticornio - Mexico

Classico Atipico is available at BTF


ROSÆ is a memorable collection of performances by

Eva and Enrico Rosa.

It is an enjoyable work which will attract a wide following as

Eva performs on recorder and Enrico performs on guitar.

Two of the highlights from this fine recording are:

"Back in time" and "Flamenco Variations."

The pairing of recorder and guitar in ROSÆ makes

for an enchanting evening of listening pleasure.

Lee Prosser

PASSIONE & MUSICA released in 2002

The idea behind Passione&Musica is a journey into different music styles inspired by a passionate love for music throughout Italian guitarist Enrico Rosa's compositions and arrangements. Five of his songs are performed on classical guitar, two on Western, while two feature clean electric guitar ("Classical Feel", a solo performance, recorded live at Kolding Musical Institute in Denmark, and "The Kite", a jazz ballad composed in memory of the great Thad Jones).

The acoustic pieces include "Sunset", a passionate solo performance, "Livorno 1973", a relaxed conversation between two guitars inspired by reminiscences of Italy, and "Italian Irish", a guitar ballad that ends as a lively tarantella.

Odd bars like two interpretations of 11/4 are a part of the CD.

Track 3," Tapum", 11/4 in a funky way with melody and solo on acoustic western guitar while the bass played by Torben B. Bjørnskov creates the funky feeling and a great solo all perfectly gathered by Frank on percussion and Sass on Organ.

Track 4 "Odd Walk" a sweet, easy sounding melody on a 11/4 sounding almost like a Jazz Waltz.

Talking about Waltz? Track 1: Waltzing at ease, is a cheerful jazz waltz with a bit of country flavor, featuring an electric bass solo and the acoustic guitar forming the theme. Passione &Musica is a great introduction to the recorded work of Rosa - who has been educated in both the classical and jazz fields, and who has recorded in studios since 1970. Instrumental Guitar (Acoustic/Fingerstyle/Fusion), total running time, 35:23


Enrico Rosa: Classical Guitar, Western Guitar, Electric Guitar.

Torben Bøtker Bjørnskov: Electric Bass (track 1, 3), Double Bass (track 4, 6).

Matin Alexandr Sass: Electric Piano (track 1), Organ (track 3), Piano (track 4, 6).

Frank Thøgersen: Percussion, Drums( track 1, 3, 4, 6).


Track 1 mp3 Waltzing at ease

Track 3 mp3 Tapum

Track 5 mp3 Sunset


Ron Goodwin and the Odense Symphony Orchestra

Enrico Rosa: guitar




This CD is a production of 14 titles picked up in different fields of entertaining music where

Enrico Rosa uses guitars as versatile as possible, presenting known songs on the guitar.

In this production Enrico sings an Italian song ,Che Sará, which has something to do with the life of a musician leaving home for good and starting again abroad accepting the life that will come always trusting on his guitar as a true friend.

Enrico Rosa on Guitar with Ron Goodwin & the Odense Synphony Orchestra





1980 LP CCLP 8002 EUREKA

One note samba

Eureka is a solo productions from the no longer existing Cascade Records.

A virtuoso performance related to Concerts and Danish TV shows like "Musikalske Venner"

"Musik Hjørnet" and many others where in the early 80's Enrico performed on ac. and el. guitar.

Recorded at KEY-SOUND STUDIO Præstø Denmark (1980)

Engineer BO ANDERSEN, Producers: Enrico Rosa and JAN ELIASSON.


A not for sale record with lots of Radio signatures of the time.

By Enrico Rosa